Orthodontics for perfect teeth

Are you looking to straighten your teeth? Perhaps you have gaps between your teeth or a severe overbite? These are just some of the issues most commonly addressed by orthodontics treatments. Our orthodontic specialist is experienced and careful when administering braces and functional appliances. Thus, you can expect to feel absolute comfort and confidence on your journey to a perfect smile. After treatments, which can last anywhere between a few months to 2 years, in the end, you will have straighter teeth, improved speech, and long-lasting health of your teeth and gums.

invisalign (clear aligners)

Invisalign is the next generation of braces, a clear alternative that has proven to work. Our expert team at Derry Village Dental Care has the experience and resources to help all of our patients who need to get their teeth straightened be informed about Invisalign and the many benefits. A member of our orthodontics team can have you fitted for your own set of Invisalign after a short consultation and screening. We know how important having straight teeth are. Call us today for more information on Invisalign and our cosmetic dentistry services instead of relying on traditional braces. Our team can provide you with more details about cost, the Invisalign process, and much more.

braces (traditional)

Traditional braces offer both adults and adolescents an effective way to correct an array of orthodontic conditions and attain a beautiful new smile! Our cosmetic dentist in Mississauga is experienced with orthodontic treatments to address teeth misalignment, bite irregularities, and other concerns. With traditional braces from Derry Village Dental Care, our team can help you straighten your teeth and smile with confidence.

Signs you need braces

Wondering if you or your child needs braces? Patients who require orthodontic treatment often experience the following:
  • Difficulty biting
  • Crooked teeth
  • Too much space between teeth
  • Jaw pain
By addressing these issues immediately, you will prevent long-term excessive wear or trauma of the teeth.

Orthodontic functional appliances

The world of orthodontics also includes other less-known functional appliances that help with crowded teeth, overbite and the form of the palate and jaw. Depending upon your jaw structure and teeth, our dentist may recommend the twin block, Rick a Nator, Hyrax appliance, Mara appliance or an expansion appliance. Regardless of the appliance or procedure, you need to ensure the health of your teeth, mouth and gums. You can count on our team.