Fixed & Removeable Retainers

Fixed & Removeable Retainers

fixed retainers

Permanent or fixed retainers are composed of a metal wire that is bonded to your teeth. This wire is often smooth and solid. Sometimes it has a braided texture. It is connected to your teeth and fitted to your bite to prevent them from moving or becoming crooked. Fixed Retainers are easier to wear since you don’t have to take them on and off, making it easier to maintain your teeth in place once your braces are removed. They are tough to harm via regular oral use. They are difficult to destroy, lose, or see by others. Patients seldom have trouble speaking since the wires are so tiny. Cons: They aren’t sufficient on their own. Teeth are still moving! Because fixed retainers can only hold a few front teeth, you will almost certainly need to wear detachable retainers over them. Cleaning around a permanent retainer may be time-consuming and challenging. Fixed retainers are prone to tartar and plaque buildup, necessitating regular flossing.

removable retainers

The benefits of removable retainers include the ability to remove them at any moment, such as while eating or cleaning your teeth. It just takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to obtain an imprint (mould) of your mouth to create a detachable retainer that will last many years, and flossing is more straightforward since the retainer is removable. The disadvantage is that they are often misplaced, frequently abandoned after eating, and are vulnerable to harm when not in your mouth or securely in their case. They are also an excellent location for germs to hide and thrive. Therefore regularly cleaning them is critical. Some people may have difficulty communicating with them, so they may not wear them throughout the day.

what would an orthodontist recommend?

For the best long-term outcomes, orthodontists often employ a mix of removable and permanent retainers. Removable retainers are usually worn on the upper teeth, while permanent retainers are used on the bottom teeth, although retainer usage is determined by what is best for your teeth. To find out if you qualify for fixed or removable retainers, give us a call today!