Sports Mouthguards

sports mouthguardsHockey, football & other impact sports players are no strangers to the occasional tumble. Although there have been many modifications to sports equipment over the years to prevent serious injuries, the National Youth Sports Foundation estimates that over 5 million teeth are lost every year by playing sports activities.

The benefits of wearing a mouthguard are numerous but not all mouthguards are created equal. The ‘Boil & Bite’ variety sold in retail stores do not fit as accurately as those which are custom made and they also have a tendency to shift during active play. This reduces the overall effectiveness of injury prevention.

Derry Village Dental Care is proud to offer a line of custom fit sports mouthgaurds. They range from light to heavy-pro and are selected based on the nature and level of the sport played. The custom mouthgaurds come in a wide variety of colours and designs and are proven to last longer than the retail variety.

The process to get a custom fit mouthguard is a simple one. After discussing the options with the patient, Dr. Ghai will take a quick impression of their teeth and send the mold off to the lab, where it will be constructed according to the each patient’s unique form.

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