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Are you looking to whiten your teeth? Let our family dentistry professionals here at Derry Village Dental Care help you get the smile of your dreams today! We proudly provide a host of in-office teeth whitening services designed to bring your teeth a healthy shade of whiteness that you’ll love for yours to come. Read on for more information about teeth whitening and our available services, and contact our Mississauga, ON cosmetic dentistry professionals at (905) 564-0770 to schedule your appointment today!

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What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process through which the teeth are whitened, typically through chemical methods available over-the-counter or through a dental office. While over-the-counter methods provide some whitening benefits, getting your teeth whitened by a dental professional through a bleaching method can take years of stains off your teeth. Below, you can learn more about the benefits of teeth whitening, as well as the several types of teeth whiteners available today.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

If you struggle with stained or discolored teeth, teeth whitening can help you achieve your ideal teeth color in minutes. When performed under the instruction and supervision of a professional, teeth whitening can be customized to ensure that you get the exact color you want. Having your teeth professionally whitened in an office like ours here Derry Village Dental Care will also help to ensure that your results last for months to years longer than over-the-counter alternatives. For certain types of bleach whitening, we also provide you with custom-fitted mouth guards that are quite comfortable to wear, unlike store-bought strips or trays, which can be damaging, uncomfortable, and difficult to remove. Learn more about the different types of teeth whitening below.

Surface Whiteners

These products use special abrasives to improve the product’s ability to remove surface stains. Most products in this category are either toothpastes or chewing gums. Because the special abrasives in these whitening products are often only finer versions of what is used in regular toothpastes, they are unlikely to cause excessive tooth wear. However, the effectiveness of these products is limited to surface stains and should not be used as a substitute for professional cleaning.


Most bleaching products are peroxide-based and are actually capable of altering the colors of the tooth itself. However, not all tooth discolorations respond to tooth-bleaching treatments. Individuals contemplating tooth-bleaching should consult with a dentist to determine the cause of the tooth discoloration and to determine whether a bleaching treatment will have the desired result. This step is especially important for patients with fillings, root canal treatments, crowns and/or with extremely dark stains on the anterior teeth.

A number of different bleaching techniques and products are available to patients. Your dentist will use one of these two methods to whiten your teeth:

Vital bleaching is done on “living” teeth and can be used to whiten your teeth if they have become stained by food or tobacco, or if they have become dark with age.

Non-vital bleaching is bleaching done on teeth that are no longer “alive.” If your tooth has changed color because of a root canal, non-vital bleaching can lighten your tooth from the inside out.

There are three cosmetic dentistry treatment methods for bleaching teeth. The method that will work best for you depends on the number of teeth that need to be bleached, and on how badly they are stained (or discolored).

If you are considering professional bleaching for your teeth, there are several approaches Dr Ghai may suggest:

1. Putting a special bleach on your stained teeth and using heat (or heat and light) to start the bleaching action; or

2. Wearing a custom-made mouthguard filled with a special bleach for part of each day; or

3. Brushing with special bleach mixed in toothpaste.

To learn more about which procedure may be the best fit for you, we encourage you contact our Mississauga, ON dental team at (905) 564-0770 to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentistry team today!

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